04.Oct. 2004

Righty right!

That was a fantastic evening there in this cool venue KNUST in Hamburg. Three ultra Rock'n'Roll Bands just played like hell and made the packed Knust goin' wild.

[click image for larger view]

Thanx a lot to the guy's from GO-NUTS-MUSIC for that fuckin' great night!


23.Sept 2004

CD Release Party "HellFireRockMachine"

Don't miss Hamburg's ultra rock event in October 2004:

+++GO-NUTS Lable Release Party +++

30th September 04 - KNUST / Hamburg: 20:00 h



"Rock'n'roll Sniper"


see also: www.go-nuts-music.com

25.Aug 2004

Hello Rockers!

Right - here we are back again. We needed a break - but now we need a hell of a lot Hellfire Rock and fuckin' Roll !!!

The first thing we did, is what you see here. We decided to relaunch our website and hope the new design blows you away ...
if not - what the fuck!

So take some time and look around - a special hint: there are some snippets from the new album "HellFireRockMachine". Just click the button "Hear" and blow your fuckin' brain away ...

And for sure, there are a lot of things to speak and write about.
But .... yeah ... wait and you will read more soon ..........

Thanx a lot to all the people who still believe in us and who made all this possible ... !